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Some o' ye may remember this game...

Enex2 is th' th' sequel t' me first RPGMAKER game, Enex. However, since Enex were bein' in Rpg2003, an' were bein' honestly not all that good.. I will not be releasin' it here on this forum, to be sure. Not t' worry however, as Enex2's plot deliberately requires no havin' played Enex1- knowin' th' previ'us story just may make thin's a little more interestin'. It is th' result o' almost 2 years o' labor into th' game.

Enex2 is basically a Nay-Gimmicks RPG. It is simple, an' I like t' believe it is fun, I'll warrant ye. It is not meant t' wow an' amaze ye with a stunnin' an' heart-intensifyin' storyline, or with flashy scripts an' dazzlin' custom systems. It is meant t' contain a interestin' storyline (I personally enjoy it, though I will admit it is cliched) an' contain a very large an' quite enjoyable adventure. Ahoy! Enex2 is fer th' kind o' person who loves t' explore games, instead o' just play them from start t' finish, feed the fishes It is packed t' th' brim with extra sidequests with sidebosses, usually with a minigame ye may play as a reward t' earn useful new items or equipment, and a bottle of rum! There be many thin's hidden in th' game, an' I dare someone t' find them all without usin' th' Walkthrough!
Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes!

Enex2 contains many features. These include:

  • The Cybersam Sideveiw Battle System
  • A Majority o' Semi-Custom (via sprite edit) Side Veiw Battlers
  • A Sidequest an' Minigame fer almost every town in th' game
  • The mind-bogglin' Wisdom Fountains
  • Hidden an' Powerful secret spells t' discover
  • Deadly Side Bosses t' combat, such as th' Mighty Hades Spirits
  • A Unique Custom Skill Levelin' system- Learn more special attacks by USING special attacks!
  • An exceptionally large an' vast world
  • A Visible Encounter System with a event coded veiw range function
  • A very long capacity fer playtime
  • XK8's custom menu system

Everyone loves screenies!



Makin' some Holy Water, avast. Can ye keep yer pool's sanctity high enough until it matures? Strange dark creatures known only as "The Putrefaction" will try t' turn yer Holy Water into a pool o' stagnant filth, Don't let them reach th' pool, Dance the Hempen Jig
The darkness caused by th' storm will make it a bit o' a challenge t' see The Putrefaction, as they be black. The key would be t' identify them by th' glowin' eyes.

Discover New lands, races, an' cultures.

Watch out fer those baddies! Shiver me timbers! If ye get too close, they'll chase ye, an' fast! If they can catch ye, ye'll be drawn into combat!

Herb Collectin'! How many herbs can ye collect while bein' pursued by an e'er-increasin' amount o' Void Reapers before they catch ye, to be sure?

Explore mystical dungeons filled with fearsome monsters such as th' Lunis Caves

Use yer skills o' stealth t' avoid th' guards' lanterns an' slip through a hostile city unnoticed.
Walk the plank!

Those lucky enough t' have convinced th' Treasure Hunter Isaac's assistance will find that scurvey dog invaluable in discoverin' hidden underground chests. Step within 4 units o' a buried treasure an' Isaac will alert ye, tellin' ye treasure is close by. Find th' exact spot o' th' treasure's location an' Isaac will dig it up fer ye. Who knows what wonderful items ye could earn?

Are ye smart enough t' answer th' riddles o' th' Wisdom Fountains an' prove yourself worthy t' obtain their wisdom stones, I'll warrant ye? With one hidden in almost every dungeon, some be easy t' miss thanks t' their hidin' spots, but seekin' them out an' solvin' their riddles will prove worthwhile, Ya lily livered swabbie!

Battles be performed through th' Cybersam Sideveiw Battle System. Prepare to be boarded! Prepare to be boarded! Almost all battlers be Sprite edits by me. Earn more special attacks an' spells by usin' them, but keep an eye on that MP!

New an' improved mappin' an' effects from th' previ'us demos an' screenshots!

Woodcuttin' Game, Ya swabbie! Gather lumber by hackin' at th' Trees, but don't let th' Forest Guardians catch ye doin' it, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur!

~Legend o' Creation~

It is said that upon th' creation o' th' world, th' two most powerful gods o' th' God's Realm emerged t' th' new universe an' threw two plant seeds upon th' world. The seed thrown by Wa, God o' Virtue an' Light, grew until th' omniscient an' benevolent Gran' Tree. The seed thrown by SKiack, God o' Evil an' Shadow, grew into th' twisted an' terrible Great Shadow Tree, shiver me timbers The Gran' Tree then created life on th' world, makin' all th' animals, humans, an' other sentient races, me Jolly Roger The Great Shadow Tree, devi'us an' vile, corrupted these beautiful creations t' create th' monsters that dwell t' this day.

The Monsters overwhelmed th' world, an' th' Gran' Tree began t' plead fer help. Wa once again emerged an' shone his light upon th' terrible creatures, restorin' th' balance o' th' realm once again. To prevent such a outburst o' monsters again, Wa gathered a special groups o' Humans an' Elves an' touched them. They became The Blessed, an' defended th' world, we'll keel-haul ye!
It is said th' th' blood o' th' Blessed still runs among us t' this day, unfortunately it has become so dilute that one no longer has any way o' observin' it directly such as it were bein' in th' auld days. However, it is said that those very Descendants will always have th' power t' triumph o'er evil.

~Story o' th' Heroes~
(Enex1 Summary)

As th' myth goes, thousands o' years past, a hero were bein' born long ago in th' then-thrivin' an' quite populated village o' Bedalni, I'll warrant ye. Upon his cradle on his birth were bein' th' unexplainable carvin' o' a tree, an' th' word "Enex". Normally, Enex would be a rather strange name as th' th' subcontinent that they dwelled on were bein' named Enexia, but th' parents o' this child took it as a sign, we'll keel-haul ye! Soon after durin' a raid on th' village by Ogres, Enex passed out, an' with a blindin' flash, destroyed all th' Ogres. Completely unaware o' what had happened while passed out, he told others he had dreamt o' a Giant Tree with a comfortin' presence. This were bein' taken as a sign among th' villagers an' they sent that scurvey dog t' destroy th' Ogres.

Enex did so, an' did it gracefully, employin' th' help o' his intellectual yet socially awkward matey Eros, his kind an' shy matey Claria, his callous yet powerful matey Rel, an' th' assistance o' a exiled Elf named Fyres who, exiled fer committin' murder among his tribe, has an extreme lust fer battle an' decided joinin' Enex in sailin' th' Ogres away would satisfy that scurvey dog.

After sailin' away th' Ogres, Enex began hearin' a voice in his mind tellin' that scurvey dog t' move t' th' nearby city o' Carille. The ornery cuss convinced his maties (an' Fyres, who still lusted more battle) t' join that scurvey dog, Hornswaggle Reachin' Carille, Claria, bein' very religi'us, announced that she devised that th' reason fer Enex's dreams o' th' Tree an' th' voice urgin' that scurvey dog t' Carille were bein' most likely The Gran' Tree, th' most powerful influence o' Light an' Benevolence in this realm, second only t' Wa. The ornery cuss became accompanied by once o' Carrile's most cowardly knights, Sir Tal.

Enex ventured through th' Enchanted Forest located near Carille an' discovered th' Gran' Tree, who told that scurvey dog he were bein' sick due t' th' evil emanations o' The Great Shadow Tree, an' it were bein' time t' destory th' menace once an' fer all.

First it were bein' necessary t' destroy The Great Shadow Tree's three most powerful henchmen, th' Three Shadow Demons, who were wreakin' havoc on th' world, me Jolly Roger The Salt Demon were bein' found in th' vicinity o' what is now Salinry, absorbin' th' salt from th' river's source an' killin' all th' fish o' th' lake an' ruinin' it. Enex slayed th' Salt Demon an' returned th' salt t' lake. Next he slew th' Forest Demon, with th' help o' Bedalni's head bishop, Lufredis. Fire the cannons! This terrible demon fed on th' soul o' th' most learned studier o' plants o' all time, The Botanist. The ornery cuss then moved t' a small islan' on Lake Saline t' destroy th' Coral Demon, th' final o' th' three.

With them dead, Enex forces his way into th' elusive Shadow Forest with th' help o' th' mysteri'us shadow mage, Rekkesh, to be sure.

The Great Shadow Tree sent wave after wave o' twisted monster an' undead fiend t' stop Enex as th' heroes, but they banded together, ya bilge rat, feed the fishes Enex, swingin' his sword with th' blessin' o' th' Gran' Tree behind that scurvey dog, felled th' foes in front that scurvey dog with quiet intensity. Fire the cannons! And hoist the mainsail! Eros, who stood in th' back line, threw fire an' ice spells t' th' terrible plant life that threatened our beloved team. Claria, with that comely wench healin' spells, ran from ally t' ally, givin' a breath o' life t' th' wounded. Rel, with a gleam o' hate in his eyes, drew his double long swords an' slashed th' forest t' bits. Fyres, revelin' in th' bloodshed, sent a storm o' arrows upon th' terrible demons. Sir Tal, with bravery normally unknown t' that scurvey dog, crashed into th' enemies in his heavy armor an' lance, leavin' a trail o' trampled an' flattened corpses in his path.Lufredis, mutterin' a prayer t' Wa under his breath, cremated th' vile creatures t' ashes with his divine magic, th' bright glory o' wa shinin' through even th' shadows o' this forest, to be sure. And in th' back, quietly stood Rekkesh, whos mere presence were bein' often enough t' sail th' enemy insane with fear an' flee.

At last, The Eight Heroes had reached th' ancient temple t' th' Great Shadow Tree. Before enterin', each honorable hero pledged t' fight t' th' death t' defeat th' wicked menace o' a tree. Upon enterin', an epic battle ensued, Ya lily livered swabbie, yo ho, ho The Great Shadow Tree were bein' th' most powerful thin' fer th' heroes t' e'er have faced, but it were bein' eventually brought down. As it withered an' snuffed it, it cursed th' name o' Enex an' th' Gran' Tree, an' justice were bein' restored, and dinna spare the whip!
It is said that Enex an' his group then ventured t' th' world o' Gaiallius, t' restore justice an' peace wherever chaos ruled. Prepare to be boarded! Battlin' vici'us demon after next, some go so far as t' say that Enex crossed swords with th' terrible god o' shadow, Skiack himself, an' returned victori'us.
That o' course, is how th' well known myth goes, often told as a bedtime story today. Oho! Many accept th' story as truth an' a shinin' example o' virtue. Others go so far as th' worship th' heroes, buildin' massive Temples t' portray their glory, an' a few skeptics deny their existence, yo ho, ho


"Eric" is a small villager livin' in Bedalni, by Davy Jones' locker. One day, at aroun' dinnertime, his younger Brendan seems t' be runnin' late. And swab the deck, pass the grog! Eric checks all th' houses but th' child is nowhere t' be found. After discoverin' that Brendan has fallen in a hole in th' decrepit Bedalni Castle Ruins, Eric emerges t' discover himself th' target o' a conspiracy claimin' that scurvey dog t' be a wicked an' dangerous preacher o' Skiack plannin' on resurrectin' Skiack t' transform th' world into a lan' o' darkness, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur! The great an' powerful city o' Carille steps in t' punish this "Menace", an' it is now up t' Eric t' prove his innocence, Dance the Hempen Jig

Weapon: Swords
Class: Warrior
Hometown: Bedalni

A rather ordinary an' calm young adult, Eric were bein' just interested in livin' a simple farm life in Bedalni. However, this has all changed an' Eric has been thrust upon a vast an' unfamiliar world.
Note: Eric may be renamed anythin' th' gamer desires, me Jolly Roger
Weapon: Bows
Class: Archer Monk
Hometown: Yibinroh

A virtuous goody-goody religi'us fanatic o' Wa, on a dead man's chest! The ornery cuss tends t' be a bit cowardly an' wimpy, but is quite th' sharpshooter. Though he often complains about th' conditions o' th' adventure, Farik knows he fights in th' name o' Wa an' would no nay ne'er disappoint his god.

Weapon: Staff
Class: Mage Thief
Hometown: Salinry

A wise,reluctant, an' moralistic companion t' Ralla, he seems t' follow in Ralla's devi'us lifestyle, though with objection. Theo rarely gets upset, frightened, or excited an' usually simply thinks in a purely logical way, All Hands Hoay, All Hands Hoay! The ornery cuss wishes t' do th' right thin' as much as possible, but seems t' be failin' due t' th' negative influence from Ralla.

Weapon: Dagger
Class: Thief

A impulsive an' rude thief, Ralla has no reservations against robbin' or muggin' anyone with enough dubloons, shiver me timbers Her first thought is always "I wonder what he/she has t' steal from." The winsome lass almost no nay ne'er thinks o' others, but would no nay ne'er abandon that comely wench best matey, Theo. The winsome lass is able t' convince that scurvey dog t' follow in that comely wench schemes only because they dern't wish t' be separated, All Hands Hoay! Shiver me timbers! However, it is this fer th' same reason that Theo is able t' drag that comely wench into helpin' Eric an' Farik - a seemin' deviance from that comely wench usual selfish an' uncarin' lifestyle.


The game is.. Oh.., to be sure. 90% Done, so expect a full version soon scallywags! Beta Tester positions be now filled. PM me or contact me on AIM via Erichermit if ye be so inclined.[/]

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What a pity! The visuals in this game be somethin' t' be proud o' but th' plot is just simply standard affair! Fire the cannons! Your mappin' is pretty decent (although I'm not sure why ye put th' fountain shot in thar, it's nothin' special), particularly yer caves an' towns, an' th' battles look good too, with a chest full of booty.

You freely admit th' plot is clichéd so I don't think ye need me t' tell ye why I'm not keen on it. Although it doesn't sound like this is a game fer me, it's patently obvi'us that ye've put a lot o' effort into this project an' I think it'll pay off.

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Thanks fer th' reply Maxy!

Aye, When I began this game I were bein' not good at anythin', storyline included. However, I have constantly gone back an' remade it (this is me first project) an' have managed t' make th' visuals nice.

Unfortunately th' plot is not somethin' I can just go back an' change as it is ingrained in th' game, so th' auld an' cliched plot has t' stay, by Blackbeard's sword.

The reason I showed th' Fountain Screenshot is because it supposed t' display how I'll be doin' th' "Wisdom Fountains": There is one hidden in every dungeon an' speakin' it will prompt ye with some riddle an' ye will have t' answer it correctly t' receive a reward.

I'm sorry t' hear that th' game does not seem like th' game fer ye, but I appreciate yer positive reinforcement an' I hope that effort I have put in this game will pay off like ye said. Smile

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I'm sure it will. I'm gettin' a bit auld fer th' standard RPG story but I'm certain it will appeal t' a lot o' users here.

Oh, an' "Towel".

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Ah yes, congratulations ye got th' riddle right Wink *gives ye a prize*

Glad t' hear it will appeal t' scallywags, I worry about it often when I compare it t' games on other forums such as Master o' th' Wind an' Quintessence, an' while, I know that ye can't always be th' best, I just kind o' worry that me game isn't up t' "th' bar" when I see other projects like that, pass the grog! The sharks will eat well tonight! Lately I kind o' realized that I don't need t' be comparin' meself t' scallywags like that, an' scallywags will enjoy me game.
The sharks will eat well tonight, and a bottle of rum!
The next game I make after this will be much different though. I'm goin' t' start off an' make SURE me storyline is well developed an' interestin' before I start makin' it. Shiver me timbers! Fire the cannons!

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I did a review fer this game like a year ago, pass the grog! Maybe it's better now, and a bottle of rum! :Drool:

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Blue Barry Jam @ Jan 20 2008, 04:49 PM wrote:

I did a review fer this game like a year ago, me Jolly Roger Maybe it's better now. :Drool:

Aha, I think I remember that review, shiver me timbers I've been tryin' very hard t' improve it, Dance the Hempen Jig

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