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Some of you may remember this game...

Enex2 is the the sequel to my first RPGMAKER game, Enex. However, since Enex was in Rpg2003, and was honestly not all that good.. I will not be releasing it here on this forum. Not to worry however, as Enex2's plot deliberately requires no having played Enex1- knowing the previous story just may make things a little more interesting. It is the result of almost 2 years of labor into the game.

Enex2 is basically a No-Gimmicks RPG. It is simple, and I like to believe it is fun. It is not meant to wow and amaze you with a stunning and heart-intensifying storyline, or with flashy scripts and dazzling custom systems. It is meant to contain a interesting storyline (I personally enjoy it, though I will admit it is cliched) and contain a very large and quite enjoyable adventure. Enex2 is for the kind of person who loves to explore games, instead of just play them from start to finish. It is packed to the brim with extra sidequests with sidebosses, usually with a minigame you may play as a reward to earn useful new items or equipment! There are many things hidden in the game, and I dare someone to find them all without using the Walkthrough!


Enex2 contains many features. These include:

  • The Cybersam Sideveiw Battle System
  • A Majority of Semi-Custom (via sprite edit) Side Veiw Battlers
  • A Sidequest and Minigame for almost every town in the game
  • The mind-boggling Wisdom Fountains
  • Hidden and Powerful secret spells to discover
  • Deadly Side Bosses to combat, such as the Mighty Hades Spirits
  • A Unique Custom Skill Leveling system- Learn more special attacks by USING special attacks!
  • An exceptionally large and vast world
  • A Visible Encounter System with a event coded veiw range function
  • A very long capacity for playtime
  • XK8's custom menu system

Everyone loves screenies!



Making some Holy Water. Can you keep your pool's sanctity high enough until it matures? Strange dark creatures known only as "The Putrefaction" will try to turn your Holy Water into a pool of stagnant filth, Don't let them reach the pool!

The darkness caused by the storm will make it a bit of a challenge to see The Putrefaction, as they are black. The key would be to identify them by the glowing eyes.

Discover New lands, races, and cultures.

Watch out for those baddies! If you get too close, they'll chase you, and fast! If they can catch you, you'll be drawn into combat!

Herb Collecting! How many herbs can you collect while being pursued by an ever-increasing amount of Void Reapers before they catch you?

Explore mystical dungeons filled with fearsome monsters such as the Lunis Caves

Use your skills of stealth to avoid the guards' lanterns and slip through a hostile city unnoticed.

Those lucky enough to have convinced the Treasure Hunter Isaac's assistance will find him invaluable in discovering hidden underground chests. Step within 4 units of a buried treasure and Isaac will alert you, telling you treasure is close by. Find the exact spot of the treasure's location and Isaac will dig it up for you. Who knows what wonderful items you could earn?

Are you smart enough to answer the riddles of the Wisdom Fountains and prove yourself worthy to obtain their wisdom stones? With one hidden in almost every dungeon, some are easy to miss thanks to their hiding spots, but seeking them out and solving their riddles will prove worthwhile!

Battles are performed through the Cybersam Sideveiw Battle System. Almost all battlers are Sprite edits by me. Earn more special attacks and spells by using them, but keep an eye on that MP!

New and improved mapping and effects from the previous demos and screenshots!

Woodcutting Game! Gather lumber by hacking at the Trees, but don't let the Forest Guardians catch you doing it!


~Legend of Creation~

It is said that upon the creation of the world, the two most powerful gods of the God's Realm emerged to the new universe and threw two plant seeds upon the world. The seed thrown by Wa, God of Virtue and Light, grew until the omniscient and benevolent Grand Tree. The seed thrown by SKiack, God of Evil and Shadow, grew into the twisted and terrible Great Shadow Tree. The Grand Tree then created life on the world, making all the animals, humans, and other sentient races. The Great Shadow Tree, devious and vile, corrupted these beautiful creations to create the monsters that dwell to this day.

The Monsters overwhelmed the world, and the Grand Tree began to plead for help. Wa once again emerged and shone his light upon the terrible creatures, restoring the balance of the realm once again. To prevent such a outburst of monsters again, Wa gathered a special groups of Humans and Elves and touched them. They became The Blessed, and defended the world.

It is said the the blood of the Blessed still runs among us to this day, unfortunately it has become so dilute that one no longer has any way of observing it directly such as it was in the old days. However, it is said that those very Descendants will always have the power to triumph over evil.

~Story of the Heroes~
(Enex1 Summary)

As the myth goes, thousands of years past, a hero was born long ago in the then-thriving and quite populated village of Bedalni. Upon his cradle on his birth was the unexplainable carving of a tree, and the word "Enex". Normally, Enex would be a rather strange name as the the subcontinent that they dwelled on was named Enexia, but the parents of this child took it as a sign. Soon after during a raid on the village by Ogres, Enex passed out, and with a blinding flash, destroyed all the Ogres. Completely unaware of what had happened while passed out, he told others he had dreamt of a Giant Tree with a comforting presence. This was taken as a sign among the villagers and they sent him to destroy the Ogres.

Enex did so, and did it gracefully, employing the help of his intellectual yet socially awkward friend Eros, his kind and shy friend Claria, his callous yet powerful friend Rel, and the assistance of a exiled Elf named Fyres who, exiled for committing murder among his tribe, has an extreme lust for battle and decided joining Enex in driving the Ogres away would satisfy him.

After driving away the Ogres, Enex began hearing a voice in his mind telling him to move to the nearby city of Carille. He convinced his friends (and Fyres, who still lusted more battle) to join him. Reaching Carille, Claria, being very religious, announced that she devised that the reason for Enex's dreams of the Tree and the voice urging him to Carille was most likely The Grand Tree, the most powerful influence of Light and Benevolence in this realm, second only to Wa. He became accompanied by once of Carrile's most cowardly knights, Sir Tal.

Enex ventured through the Enchanted Forest located near Carille and discovered the Grand Tree, who told him he was sick due to the evil emanations of The Great Shadow Tree, and it was time to destory the menace once and for all.

First it was necessary to destroy The Great Shadow Tree's three most powerful henchmen, the Three Shadow Demons, who were wreaking havoc on the world. The Salt Demon was found in the vicinity of what is now Salinry, absorbing the salt from the river's source and killing all the fish of the lake and ruining it. Enex slayed the Salt Demon and returned the salt to lake. Next he slew the Forest Demon, with the help of Bedalni's head bishop, Lufredis. This terrible demon fed on the soul of the most learned studier of plants of all time, The Botanist. He then moved to a small island on Lake Saline to destroy the Coral Demon, the final of the three.

With them dead, Enex forces his way into the elusive Shadow Forest with the help of the mysterious shadow mage, Rekkesh.

The Great Shadow Tree sent wave after wave of twisted monster and undead fiend to stop Enex as the heroes, but they banded together. Enex, swinging his sword with the blessing of the Grand Tree behind him, felled the foes in front him with quiet intensity. Eros, who stood in the back line, threw fire and ice spells to the terrible plant life that threatened our beloved team. Claria, with her healing spells, ran from ally to ally, giving a breath of life to the wounded. Rel, with a gleam of hate in his eyes, drew his double long swords and slashed the forest to bits. Fyres, reveling in the bloodshed, sent a storm of arrows upon the terrible demons. Sir Tal, with bravery normally unknown to him, crashed into the enemies in his heavy armor and lance, leaving a trail of trampled and flattened corpses in his path.Lufredis, muttering a prayer to Wa under his breath, cremated the vile creatures to ashes with his divine magic, the bright glory of wa shining through even the shadows of this forest. And in the back, quietly stood Rekkesh, whos mere presence was often enough to drive the enemy insane with fear and flee.

At last, The Eight Heroes had reached the ancient temple to the Great Shadow Tree. Before entering, each honorable hero pledged to fight to the death to defeat the wicked menace of a tree. Upon entering, an epic battle ensued. The Great Shadow Tree was the most powerful thing for the heroes to ever have faced, but it was eventually brought down. As it withered and died, it cursed the name of Enex and the Grand Tree, and justice was restored.

It is said that Enex and his group then ventured to the world of Gaiallius, to restore justice and peace wherever chaos ruled. Battling vicious demon after next, some go so far as to say that Enex crossed swords with the terrible god of shadow, Skiack himself, and returned victorious.

That of course, is how the well known myth goes, often told as a bedtime story today. Many accept the story as truth and a shining example of virtue. Others go so far as the worship the heroes, building massive Temples to portray their glory, and a few skeptics deny their existence.


"Eric" is a small villager living in Bedalni. One day, at around dinnertime, his younger Brendan seems to be running late. Eric checks all the houses but the child is nowhere to be found. After discovering that Brendan has fallen in a hole in the decrepit Bedalni Castle Ruins, Eric emerges to discover himself the target of a conspiracy claiming him to be a wicked and dangerous preacher of Skiack planning on resurrecting Skiack to transform the world into a land of darkness. The great and powerful city of Carille steps in to punish this "Menace", and it is now up to Eric to prove his innocence.


Weapon: Swords
Class: Warrior
Hometown: Bedalni

A rather ordinary and calm young adult, Eric was just interested in living a simple farm life in Bedalni. However, this has all changed and Eric has been thrust upon a vast and unfamiliar world.
Note: Eric may be renamed anything the gamer desires.

Weapon: Bows
Class: Archer Monk
Hometown: Yibinroh

A virtuous goody-goody religious fanatic of Wa. He tends to be a bit cowardly and wimpy, but is quite the sharpshooter. Though he often complains about the conditions of the adventure, Farik knows he fights in the name of Wa and would never disappoint his god.

Weapon: Staff
Class: Mage Thief
Hometown: Salinry

A wise,reluctant, and moralistic companion to Ralla, he seems to follow in Ralla's devious lifestyle, though with objection. Theo rarely gets upset, frightened, or excited and usually simply thinks in a purely logical way. He wishes to do the right thing as much as possible, but seems to be failing due to the negative influence from Ralla.

Weapon: Dagger
Class: Thief

A impulsive and rude thief, Ralla has no reservations against robbing or mugging anyone with enough money. Her first thought is always "I wonder what he/she has to steal from." She almost never thinks of others, but would never abandon her best friend, Theo. She is able to convince him to follow in her schemes only because they do not wish to be separated. However, it is this for the same reason that Theo is able to drag her into helping Eric and Farik - a seeming deviance from her usual selfish and uncaring lifestyle.


The game is.. Oh... 90% Done, so expect a full version soon people! Beta Tester positions are now filled. PM me or contact me on AIM via Erichermit if you are so inclined.[/]

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What a pity! The visuals in this game are something to be proud of but the plot is just simply standard affair! Your mapping is pretty decent (although I'm not sure why you put the fountain shot in there, it's nothing special), particularly your caves and towns, and the battles look good too.

You freely admit the plot is clichéd so I don't think you need me to tell you why I'm not keen on it. Although it doesn't sound like this is a game for me, it's patently obvious that you've put a lot of effort into this project and I think it'll pay off.

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Thanks for the reply Maxy!

Yeah, When I began this game I was not good at anything, storyline included. However, I have constantly gone back and remade it (this is my first project) and have managed to make the visuals nice.

Unfortunately the plot is not something I can just go back and change as it is ingrained in the game, so the old and cliched plot has to stay.

The reason I showed the Fountain Screenshot is because it supposed to display how I'll be doing the "Wisdom Fountains": There is one hidden in every dungeon and speaking it will prompt you with some riddle and you will have to answer it correctly to receive a reward.

I'm sorry to hear that the game does not seem like the game for you, but I appreciate your positive reinforcement and I hope that effort I have put in this game will pay off like you said. Smile

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I'm sure it will. I'm getting a bit old for the standard RPG story but I'm certain it will appeal to a lot of users here.

Oh, and "Towel".

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Ah yes, congratulations you got the riddle right Wink *gives you a prize*

Glad to hear it will appeal to people, I worry about it often when I compare it to games on other forums such as Master of the Wind and Quintessence, and while, I know that you can't always be the best, I just kind of worry that my game isn't up to "the bar" when I see other projects like that. Lately I kind of realized that I don't need to be comparing myself to people like that, and people will enjoy my game.

The next game I make after this will be much different though. I'm going to start off and make SURE my storyline is well developed and interesting before I start making it.

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I did a review for this game like a year ago. Maybe it's better now. :Drool:

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Blue Barry Jam @ Jan 20 2008, 04:49 PM wrote:

I did a review for this game like a year ago. Maybe it's better now. :Drool:

Aha, I think I remember that review. I've been trying very hard to improve it.

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