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Tilesets (RMXP)

Medieval Exterior

100% original RPG Maker XP tileset by the Inquisitor. This is the outdoor tileset to match the interior. Suitable for villages, towns, cities, countryside, farmland, forests, mountains, mines and castles!

Many years ago I made the following statement:

Medieval Interior

TheInquisitor presents another 100% custom XP tileset, this time for interiors. With well over 2000 tiles, covering castles, hovels, mansions, kitchens, dungeons, churches and stables, Inquisitor has produced a comprehensive set for RTP sized character sets.

World Map

TheInquisitor presents his 100% custom XP World tileset. This gigantic set contains 4000 tiles, over three million pixels, with snow, mountains, deserts and more exquisite towns than you can shake a Mack&Blue tileset at.

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