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Chipsets (RM2k(3))

Gray City

I was asked for help with making a town in Rpgmaker and made this tile because the original tile just didn't have enough. I think this is the easiest to use tile Ive made and best so far.

It blends Star Ocean (SNES) and Theodore (Custom) tiles to create a well meshed town or city.

Port Town

There were originally going to be two parts: one of for the entrance with the cliff edges and stuff, and one for the central part of the town. I just made it into one tile instead, so if you have any problems, please don't hesitate to ask!

Forest Town

Well after seeing an amazing looking screenshot of a foreign game, I just thought "Why should only that game get to use that awesome edited tile set!?" so I just saw what parts it used from other tiles and made it, and I think I did a pretty good job!

Snowy Mountains

A snowy version of the mountain tileset.


A delightful volcano tileset with plenty of elevation.


An original mountain tileset.

Capital City

All you need to make a beautiful, thriving market city.

Medieval Exterior

A tileset largely composed of rips with a handful of custom tiles.

Sci-Fi Maintenance

Factory/Maintenance chipset for a futuristic city.

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