Medieval Exterior

100% original RPG Maker XP tileset by the Inquisitor. This is the outdoor tileset to match the interior. Suitable for villages, towns, cities, countryside, farmland, forests, mountains, mines and castles!

Many years ago I made the following statement:

“The next tileset on my list is an outdoors for this indoors. Again, it will probably be quite some time before I release it, but I promise you guys that it will be released. You can expect it to be pretty similar to this, especially since I’ll probably lifting a few tiles from here and moving them directly outdoors. If all goes well, it should be able to make villages, towns, cities, countryside, farmland, forests, mountains, mines, castles and docks (although no ships as of yet).”

Well, the outdoor tileset is finally here. Many of my predictions were spot on. It has been a year since I began work on this tileset. I was unhappy with my first attempt and as such I’ve completely remade it during that time. As predicted, it is very similar to the indoor set, sharing a number of tiles such as boxes, weapons to maintain consistency. I’ve reduced repetition of the tiles in responce to recommendations from users of my World Map set – the repeats I’ve used is just to illustrate how certain tiles work. You can indeed make all manner of towns, cities, countrysides, farmlands, forests, mountains, etc. Also, as I expected, there are no ships, unfortunately. All in all, I hope it has been worth the wait.

Like my previous set, it’s 100% original and exclusive to RPG Palace. With this tileset I feel I am one step closer to offering an alternative to the RMXP RTP. I’ve never seen a project advertised using my indoor set and I’m hoping that a matching outdoors will enable people to use them all without worrying about conflicting styles. Anyone waiting on a dungeon tileset will be out of luck, though – I do not have plans to work on any further tilesets in the near future.

I used the RTP hero “Ashers” for a proportion template, so RTP sized characters will work with this chipset. I’m afraid it won’t work with the rather popular “Kaizer Halfs”, which some people have taken a liking to using.

Unfortunately, you cannot make a map that looks exactly like the towns on my world map set; those are just visual representations of towns.

Again, I must stress that this tileset is also to be exclusive to RPG Palace, so I kindly ask you not to host this elsewhere. If you feel you must, then I’d prefer it if you linked directly to this page. However, don’t feel a need to credit me in your projects if you decide to use this. The fact that you are using it (if you are) is reward enough. Thanks.

Like the tileset? Inq'd love to hear your comments/criticisms on the forums.

Credit for the demo with passability goes to Insane Cal and meusterus.

Enjoy. Smile ©

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