Medieval Interior

TheInquisitor presents another 100% custom XP tileset, this time for interiors. With well over 2000 tiles, covering castles, hovels, mansions, kitchens, dungeons, churches and stables, Inquisitor has produced a comprehensive set for RTP sized character sets.

The “Indoors Tileset”, which I proudly named myself, is the second chipset I have made for RMXP. Like my previous set, it’s 100% original and exclusive to RPG Palace. I know it seems like ages since I started on it, but the slow progress finally lead somewhere and I actually got it out in the end. Why, sometimes the list of things I had to make for it got longer rather and shorter, but thankfully those days are over…or at least until the next set I do. This chipset doesn’t fill a niche in the market like my previous did, so I guess I’ll have to make a bunch of other sets to go with it. Unlike the World Map Tileset as well, I could make this set more similar to Refmap’s RTP in the way that the design works, so hopefully nobody should have any problems with learning how to use it.

I used the RTP hero “Arshes” for a proportion template, so RTP sized characters will work with this chipset…however, little did I realise at the time that the character sets and chipsets in the RTP do not actually match at all, so I guess this set will only work with the RTP sized characters. I’m afraid it won’t work with the rather popular “Kaizer Halfs”, which some people have taken a liking to using.

In a similar way to the World Map set, I’ve made it so that you can make an awful lot of different looking building interiors on this lone set so that all the keen mappers out there can have a field day producing some of the most extravagant building designs they wish, or perhaps just a small, filthy room with a bunch of paupers inhabiting it. Both of these options are available, of course, but there are extras such as the ability to make the interior of specialist shops like a fishmonger’s or an armoury (a popular choice in RPGs, of course) as well as having the ability to make castle interiors or churches.

The tiles between Lower Class and Upper Class qualities are not interchangeable though. As displayed in my large mansion map, the Lower Class tiles can be placed into rich buildings for servant tunnels and their rooms. I’m convinced that this would also work for secret passageways. All you have to do is use your imagination! I hope this map gives you an idea on how to use this set. I don’t think it’s too hard myself, but of course, I did make it so I can’t really be sure. I’m positive that it is easier to use than the world map, however.

The next tileset on my list is an outdoors for this indoors. Again, it will probably be quite some time before I release it, but I promise you guys that it will be released. You can expect it to be pretty similar to this, especially since I’ll probably lifting a few tiles from here and moving them directly outdoors. If all goes well, it should be able to make villages, towns, cities, countryside, farmland, forests, mountains, mines, castles and docks (although no ships as of yet).

Again, I must stress that this tileset is also to be exclusive to RPG Palace, so I kindly ask you not to host this elsewhere. If you feel you must, then I’d prefer it if you linked directly to this page. However, don’t feel a need to credit me in your projects if you decide to use this. The fact that you are using it (if you are) is reward enough. Thanks.

Credit for the demo with passability goes to Insane Cal.

Enjoy. Smile ©

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