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Battler Portraits

Goat People

Various goat men and women wielding scythes, maces, shields, and spears.

Toadpoles and Frognosticators

Frog 'em, boys!

For battling these, I'm picturing the "large pack of them that are easy to kill as individuals, but hard to beat when together" sort of thing. The Frognosticator, who would deliver the nasty attacks, would be supported by a swarm of Toadpoles.

Frogman Soldiers

The frogman legions. Includes:

  • Frogman Cannon: The artillery support for the frog legions.
  • Froglodyte: The brawn of the frogman race. A powerhouse of the toadies.
  • Frog Axeman: Frogman army grunt.
  • Frog Pikeman: Spear and trident variations. An ideal standard fodder monster.

Frogman Thieves

"Outta me way, or I cuts me way through."

Toad of the Road, a froggie highwayman.

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