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Battler Portraits


Next up is one is a fearsome snowman! Oh yes, I've always liked snowmen so it was about time I remade my first ever monster sprite! He's not a particularly big enemy, just one to prolong your games when walking through the snowy areas. Armed with two sticks, a pipe, scalf, hat, carrot and bits of coal, he can be one of the most terrifying creatures ever to roam your world!


So far in the snowy areas of a game, you could probably have snowmen and goatmen as your common enemies. But is that really enough? Where's the variety in the games anymore? I don't want you to simply change the colours of a snowman and call it a "Snowman B", so I give you a much larger enemy. It could easily fit the bill as a boss, but is also perfectly suitable for a general tough enemy (perhaps later in the game). I give you the Yeti! This time I decided to throw a bit of evolutionary sense into the equation by giving him a fat belly and short limbs.

Pumpkin Kin

Another great concept by Teo. I think that this one is my favourite of his designs, it's definitely the most innovative. I can't seem to get enough of his oversized novelty hat.


He's the greatest, make no misnake! (Whoops, made a spelling misnake) - Another little concept by Teo. He doesn't know that I have this concept, nor does he know I've made it into pixel art. It's just a little prezzie for him because I'm so nice.


I bet you wish you didn't meet him - He's very fire based, this monster. It may be a bit different from the norm, but I felt that a blackened, charred design would actually go well when he's on fire.


I wonder what's inside...suprise? Suprize? Arggh! Disguise! It's suitable (and clearly recommended) for changing shape during a battle in the traditional "Hit the correct chest" style.


They sure have a bone to pick with our beloved heroes.

Includes skeleton magi, archer, warrior (with sword, shield, mace, and/or spear), warlord, and shaman. The warlord and shaman were added to the set nearly two years after the rest were drawn.

They must've died from legionnaire's disease. Ho ho ho.

Giant Worm

This worm will make you squirm!

Ah, a bigger design this time for the traditional boss-styled monster. This time I've given it the potential option to be separated into several different pieces to add an element of tactic into the battle.

Cloaked Man

Dis'guise can be a real problem.


What a dreamon!

Don't be fooled by her seductive fasade, it will be your downfall...

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