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According to foreign media analysis

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According to foreign media analysis

In the football world, a popular truth is "a mountain can not be two tigers," there are players like Cavani around, and perhaps Neymar will feel unhappy. "Goal Network" pointed out that Neymar has asked PSG management to FIFA Coins introduce Chelsea's Morata this summer, Neymar seems that if the Spanish center to join, then he and Moratta, Mbabe to form a new Trident.

According to foreign media analysis, in order to let Chelsea to abandon Morata, then Paris is even willing to Cavani joined the transaction, therefore, in this summer's transfer market, there may be a mutual exchange of Morata and Cavani The situation happened.

This season to 80 million euros of worth to Stamford Bridge, Morata play in general, played 31 times, just scored 12 goals, he is even more continuous absence. Many experts believe that Morata's ability to fight relatively poor, therefore, is not a reasonable choice of Blues in the center position. Cavani's impact is very strong, he adapted to the Premiership should not be a problem, Abu was interested in signing Uruguay striker.
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