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Greetings from Mexico!

Ok so yeah. I gotta admit that place is truly awesome.

lots of landscaping to do. pyramids to scale. man it's like life's createdit's own RPG!

So I'll use thi blog to periodically post both my adventures and misadventures on all mexico

(pictures will be added soon)

ok so you're all probably asking, "why are you calling that place an RPG?"

Well ok, let me start with my arrival... since I got a seat on the plane near the window I could

almost get the feelng I was truly flying over an entire city made out of light

The Chronicles of R.A.V.S.O part 01

EARTH! what a loveley place..... yeah right! that is if you were born somewherearound the 70's then you would have still been able to see some of the beautiful remainsIF you were lucky enough....Today however is a diferent story...... the year is 2025. a.k.a end of the earth as we know we don't mean earth got destroyed completely as mankind still draws breathit just ended as we knew it due to radical changes....if you take a closer look you will notice many changes in the scenery....

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