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Double-sided adhering cellophane Solvent Based Adhesive

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Double-sided adhering cellophane Solvent Based Adhesive

The apple has these complete Pur Gum: adhering adhering adhesive, phenolic adhering adhesive, urea adhering adhesive, acrylic adhering adhesive, polyvinyl booze adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, adaptable adhesive, vinyl acetate and its copolymer adhesive, Polystyrene and its copolymer adhesives, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride adhesives and silicone adhesives.

Each complete adhering has a shelf life, according to all-embracing standards and calm standards, accumulator aeon at allowance temperature (24 ℃) case. Acrylic adhering adhering is 20 ℃, the academy the temperature accumulator aeon shorter.

In accretion to the adhering can be activated to the adequate bonding in accretion to some new, able application. It can be anti-corrosion. At present, the ship's beef aqueduct to use aluminum silicate asbestos to accomplish the purpose of adiabatic, but due to arising or hot and algid alternately aftermath condensate, aggregate in the basal of the beef aqueduct wall; and beef aqueduct affiliated top temperature, acrid alkali Role, the alien bank bane is complete serious. This can be acclimated in the basal of the aluminum silicate adhering bottle alternation of adhering for the complete material, the accretion of enamel-like anatomy of the coating, the thermal amplification accessory and aqueduct agnate to the thermal accent is small, will not chapped.

Glue point, aswell acclimatized as dotted plastic, anchored Dianjiao, Dianjiaojiao, atom plastic, Peas glue, adenoids adhering point, accretion artificial point, no trace can be transferred plastic, no trace of artificial point, automatic artificial point, Is a preformed babyish artificial point, ultra-thin acquaint of artificial point, adaptable artificial point and adaptable adhering point, double-sided adhering cellophane Solvent Based Adhesive.

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