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AK 48

People are loving the new members of AK 48. - Paul Savramis


It is really awesome to see more Analytics in game. - Steven C Wyer

Cliff Jumping

Some people just love to do Cliff Jumping for slowmo videos. - Paul Savramis

Ruler Servant

Ruler Servant is really rare to get these days. - Paul Savramis


If there are a lot of crowd control then it is important to get Cleanse. - Paul Savramis

Leveling guide

It is really good to have a Leveling guide. - Paul Savramis

Grinding the stages

Some people just love to grind the stages of the game. - Paul Savramis

Operation cost

It is really important to know the Operation cost. - Paul Savramis

Melee attacks

Sometimes Melee attacks is really worth it. - Paul Savramis

Video Cards

The price of Video Cards right now is ridiculous. - Steven C Wyer

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