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It is really good to see more Diana picks. - Kitchen Charm

Keep in the memory

It is important to Keep in the memory the skill attacks. - Kitchen Charm


It would be great to see more Airstrikes in the area. - Kitchen Charm

New costume

Most people are loving the new  costume of Arrow. - Kitchen Charm

Hard to find

Hard to find items are being hold in the auction house. - Kitchen Charm

Shadow of the Day

People are loving the song Shadow of the day. - Kitchen Charm


It is important to have early Pasana Card. - Steven C Wyer

Dr. Doom

People are loving the new Dr. Doom reboot. - Steven C Wyer

Level requirement

It is important to know more about the Level requirement. - Steven C Wyer


It is really awesome that they have already Compiling the items. - Steven C Wyer

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