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RPG Town forum rules

The rules here are based on a 'warning' system; three warnings within three months and you will be temporarily banned from the forums for two days. Permanent or longer temporary bans will be given out at the administrators' discretion.
Ignorance of these rules will not get you out of a warning. You are expected to, at the very least, skim through these the first time you come to the forums. It's not our fault if you don't take the thirty seconds to take a look and accidentally break the rules.

The basic rules of the RPG Town are:

-1. All pictures used in signatures must be no more than 650 pixels in width and no more than 350 pixels in length; anything longer annoyingly stretches the screen horizontally at standard resolution (800x600), and anything taller is too much of a distraction. Any pictures exceeding this size in sigs will be removed. After three removals, you will be warned, regardless of if you saw our edits or not. It's not our job to chase you around until you finally notice.

-2. Personal attacks/flames are prohibited. You got a problem with someone? Take it to Instant Messenger or e-mail. We don't need your spats setting off flame wars on the boards. That said, don't get too offended by people joking around. People who take everything as a personal attack are just as irritating as those who actually DO flame.

-3. Racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or just plain hateful comments will not be tolerated. Insulting an entire racial or ethnic group, downing women (or men for that matter), mocking someone's sexuality, or otherwise showing just how much of a close-minded and intolerant pig you are won't be looked upon too kindly. In fact, this is one of those things that may earn you a permanent ban. We're here to have fun, but not if it means making someone else feel like dirt.

-4. Don't troll; you'll most likely be instantly banned. Trolling is when you intentionally cause trouble around the forums. Most people who come here for this purpose probably won't pay attention to this anyway, but if you do it, you're gone.

-5. Try to stay on-topic. I know it's hard for all of you, but if someone makes a thread to get feedback on his RM2K game, you have no business changing the topic to Mr. Winkle's latest escapades. This is more important in some types of threads than in others; in certain cases, we will delete posts that drift too far away from the point.

-6. Keep the profanity to a minimum. Adding a moderate curse word to your posts every now and then is not really a problem. But, when most of your post consists of nothing but curse words, when they're specifically directed at someone else, or when they're highly disgusting or offensive, we start having problems. We have only moderate filters on the boards at present, but they may get stricter if you act immaturely.

-7. Keep it clean. Directly posting pornography or any other particularly disgusting or offensive image will get you banned so fast your head will spin. The majority of people viewing this forum are minors, many under fourteen; keep that in consideration.

-8. Think before you post. Don't go making threads about RPGs in the Anime/Manga forum, or advertising your site in General Discussion. It isn't hard to tell where your posts should go - there's no excuse for making us move your thread.

-9. Respect the Authority of the Administrators and Moderators. We try to keep things running smoothly for everyone, we try to keep order, and we try to keep everyone happy; so please, cut us some slack. All we're asking is that you follow the rules. Don't make a spectacle by trying to start a 'revolt'. Don't start a petition to have one of the admins removed from power. Don't throw a hissy-fit when someone edits or deletes one of your lame-assed posts. In short, don't make an ass of yourself. Follow the rules and respect our decisions or leave. It's your choice.
If you have what you view as a legitimate complaint, talk to one of us individually; if what you say makes sense and you are polite and intelligent about it, we may in certain very rare cases modify a decision. Keep in mind, though, that these basic rules are more than likely not changing.

10. Links, replies, and threads involving the distribution and/or downloads of warez and illegal software is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to ROMs, cracks, hacking software, etc... If you are in violation of these rules you will be warned, and your posting ability may be temporarily suspended. Your post/thread relating to it will also be deleted immediately. There are exceptions to this rule for software that some would consider to be abandonware. If you don't know if a certain piece of software is abandonware or you don't know what abandonware is, it's probably best you did not link to it period.

11. Advertising Whilst we are generally flexible with this, don't advertise your site without good reason outside the allocated forum.

12. Awards, contests, and events must be prior approved by staff or administration before they are launched. Do not argue with our final decisions on these events. Creating awards and events without approval will result in that thread being locked, a second offense will result in a warn.

13. TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Seriously, nobody here likes to read messages in all caps, and I don't think people would enjoy me turning on a caps filter just to stop a single member from abusing it. Instead, you'll find your posting abilities revoked for whatever amount of time the administration team finds reasonable.

14. Use proper english while speaking in this forum. I understand that we have some members who do not speak english as their native language, and they will be cut some slack. However that will NOT be accepted as an excuse If I find your idea of non-native english speaking is: "lol guys waz ^? how r u i m fine lets be friendz kwel!!1 <3<3<3" This kind of speaking in the forum is not acceptable. We are a public message board, not a chat room. Occasional emoticons and internet lingo is fine, as long as it isn't overkill.

15. Multiaccounting is prohibited. Some people think it's ok to hide their identity with a second account, for whatever reason. This is unacceptable. We understand that siblings may share computers so there may be more than one user from a given IP address, but if we're ever given a reason to believe that two users are in fact one and the same you will be IP banned. In effect you are responsible for the actions of anyone who uses your computer.

There is no reason that anybody should find these rules to be far too strict and harsh. As a whole, we the administration of the RPG Town forums are much more relaxed compared to others out there. Besides that, if you don't like it go somewhere else.

Last updated: [07/12/05]

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While all forumgoers should know that welll structured threads are important in any forum, I feel there is a particular need for threads in this forum to be of higher quality. Lets take a look at what I am going to start locking on sight from this day forward.

Today, Angel Sakana-Chan is thinking of making a new post on the RPG Town anime forums! She scrolls up and clicks the New Thread button. Sakana-Chan has the most wonderful idea to create a thread about a new show she just saw today called Magic Knight Rayearth. She types:

Hi just saw MKR (Magic Knight Rayearth) today. it was cool. who has seen it?

Oh silly Otaku! That's not how we post in the anime forum! You're going to get yourself banned if you keep this up! After the local and friendly moderators of this benevolent RPG Town lock her thread and point her to the forum rules, Sakana-Chan is still very confused on what merits a good thread! Lets help her shall we?

Along comes John C. a very experienced member who also happens to be a wiz at the internet comes and also makes a thread. He hears of the plight of our helpless Otaku-chan, and rushes to the scene. John creates a new thread to demonstrate how all good members should interact and post.

Wow, I must say that after watching the first episode of Futakoi Alternative I was quite impressed. Compared to the first series, it has seen quite a bit of improvement in animation quality and character development. I'm happy to say that no longer is the series focusing on a tangled mess of twins, but simply two (Everybody's favorite cute and lovable Sarah and Soju) twins instead. Aside from attending high-school in their town, they also help a detective run an agency that has recently hit rock-bottom. Along with the hilarious approach on a somewhat honorable gang of Yakuza and two clinically insane police officers, the cast of characters in this new series is assured to never allow a dull moment. For those who are interested, Anime-Yuki and Shining Fansubs are releasing the subtitled episodes of this series.

Wow, John sure made an interesting post that actually informed people of the series and made them want to know more! He also described a bit about his opinions instead of like how poor Angel Sakana-Chan said nearly nothing about the series! Our frenzied Otaku thanks John and is on her way to make a wonderfully detailed thread about Magic Knight Rayearth.

What a happy ending. Lets try and all get along and follow John's example when we post all right?

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We don't mind the discussion of ROMs, but posting links to Warez and ROMs directly will get you in hot water rather quickly. That is all.


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Gives you all you need to know.


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Magi might not be a poster anymore, but his guide to post content still stands. We're getting too many dodgy threads, especially in the RM section that pretty much match that first example. We are generally flexible but, cmon, don't take the piss. "Awesum!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :drool:"

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