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Digital Download Games

My inspiration for posting this was the discovery of Telltale Game's 75% Off Sale, from which I helped myself to the full season of Wallace and Gromit games (for $5!), the two Bone games and the Hector game for not very much money at all. (Wallace and Gromit games highly recommended by the way, especially if you know who they are.) I also got thinking about one of my new best friends, Steam, who have midweek deals, weekend deals and now daily deals on quite an eclectic bunch of titles. Most of these offers strike me as being very reasonable indeed, and I've picked up quite a lot of games, both 'professional' and indie titles, that I might not have bought otherwise.

My embrace of the digital has surprised me: traditionally I've always sought to purchase physical copies of games, so that I can 'own' them: catalogue them and organise them in any way I please (Astha's photos of his collection in the photo thread are a prime example of the particular joys of 'owning' your games). The older, wiser me, however, doesn't seem as bothered by this provided I can play the game. Not to say I've completely converted to the dark/digital side, but the fact that I don't have tangible copies of every game I purchase doesn't really bother me, now. I also like the fact that I'm playing shorter games (that, given the lack of free time I have, means that I can actually complete them) and also potentially more innovative games than I would be if I stuck to what was out in the shops. I love the fact that I can now buy and play games that wouldn't necessarily have big $$$ potential but which have great concepts.

I guess I'm thinking out loud, and it's a massive issue to go into, but I am intrigued at other people's opinions on physical vs. digital game-owning and playing. I should think being RPG Maker aficionados the concept of digital downloading is not a shock to the system, but it has evolved in ways I find fascinating. The eBook "revolution" is also very similar, albeit with intriguingly different reactions from book publishers, though that would be a topic of its own.

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Collecting and sorting is right down my alley (POKEMON FREAK IS ME), but I think I most definetly find digital sorting and collecting easiest, that said, slow internet connection and slower computer does make downloading (and sometimes playing) games on the computer a bit of a challenge, so I do end up buying anything large-ish in physical form.

I'll just add on here that I simply adore the concept of apps for iPods (and eBooks?), buying and playing small games like them is pretty awesome. (Actually, I think it's just the touchscreen Sticking Out Tongue)

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Instead of buying a ton of games as they come out, I try to do a lot of research of interesting and fun games to play online. - Fred Wehba

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