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Suggestions for bot security

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Suggestions for bot security

just as the title says...

Lets us give the staff of this wonderful forum our ideas to get "Rid" of spambots and spammers...

My ideas:
1. make new recruits stick to one sub-forum before passing on as a townie

2. get a completely case sensitive CAPCHA or "security passcode" (i know we hate doing them but it ensures safety), also i suggest making everyone do a CAPCHA once every month or so to make sure

3. have them newcomers make a welcome or introduction

4. (and im sorry if this offends the staff) Get more mods... there are too many fake posts i see here almost everyday and the links are up for a good couple of hours

So... those are my ideas
What About Yours? Gasp

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1. I think that we should mainly limit the amount of posts that one can make within a time period. This prevents a bot from destroying the entire town with posts, and keeping many members with the ability to post. It's not like we HAVE to post 5 or 6 times in 5 minutes or so. And many of us can't really find a way to make that many "legit posts" in 5 minutes anyways.

2. I know this may be against the principles anyways, but we should make newcomers only able to post an introduction for their first post. After that, they may post anywhere they please. It's also just one post.

2.1. OR we can allow them to bypass the introduction to post anywhere else, in the case that the newcomers are too shy. But then they would have to wait an hour or so in order to be allowed to post. This way, they do not have to "expose" themselves, and the people controlling the spambots will be less inclined to go out on the town.

3. Yes, it's another thing inhibiting newcomers... I think we should disable the ability for a person to post a hyperlink until they get to 3 posts. The thing that all spambots seem to have in common is that they post hyperlinks. This would not harm a normal person much because they could just give the entire URL and be fine with it. A spambot however, would have to make some hustle (unless they copy and paste as I think they do. -_-) as they would have to post LOTS of URLS in order to finish their spam.

That's all I could think of for this moment as many of my other ideas are restrictive-based. But more restrictive than 2 and 3.

And being a friendly forum and all, I know that making restrictions may go against that, but how else will we stop the spambots in their tracks?

And for the more mods idea punk_Blood... that aren't really that much people that are active in this forum, so how can we really get more mods that will have the time to smack-down a spambot? I honestly don't know who could constantly monitor these forum boards...

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well i notice a few people are online most of the time everyday including myself

and also if you give people the opportunity they will most likely go online everyday to make sure its done
(unless theyre lazy)
i dont wanna name names but there are MANY people on this forum that i know for sure they would do a great job

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Well, my best idea (and craziest) is to hook a port-scanner up to the registration process. Add a clause to the agreement that says something like "By registering, you agree to allow RPG Palace to perform a one-time portscan on your computer to check for malware infections." Then, when they register (and pass the CAPTCHA), the server runs a quick portscan and looks for known malware infections (there are tools that do this, I forget what they are though). If they've got some malware, give them an error and a link to AVG or something. If they don't, let them in.

This would be combined with all of the other ideas in this thread - all of which are excellent.

Another idea would be to evaluate the demographics of the users. I've noticed that these spambots seem to be registering as all ranges of ages, while the real users have a comparatively smaller age range. No offense to those who do, but how many 60-year-olds are going to be using RPG Maker? So the idea is to check the age given at registration; if it's over, say, 45, then the account is "red-flagged" and sent an activation email, or locked down pending administrator review, etc.

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Heya, I run the site We get maybe 5 spambots in a year and are miles more active than Palace.

We limit it using a question and answer which has to be answered which we chose ourself (it's something like "How many syllables are in the word apple?")

Make sure that the words "question" or "bot" do not appear anywhere in this box's html parameters and make sure it has to be answered. We use phpbb but I'm sure something similar could be done with IPB.


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These suggestions are moot because we are moving to new forum software soon.

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