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Is there a way to view someone's posting history like there was on the last forum incarnation? I know you can view the threads someone has posted in by clicking "Track" but that is NOT good enough for me. I want to see posts in sequence. ... Some people are funn-e Sticking Out Tongue


On hiatus. Blame holloway.
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Not that I know of. There may be a Drupal module to track comments (replies to topics are treated as comments). There's also a Drupal module to treat comments as first-class posts (nodecomment) but I've been avoiding that as it's something of a performance hit. The website already seems slow enough on the new software (which I think is because our host has a slow MySQL server, and it's being hit a lot more now). I'll be thinking about it; if you see a simple solution on, let me know.

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Thanks for sharing the idea. I think, it will work. Trying it out may be a good idea after all. - Green Water Technologies

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