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Error in "Fast Reply"

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Error in "Fast Reply"

I just got an error then trying to use the "Fast Reply" box at the bottom, in "The Town" skin, and it came up with this error when I hit "More Options":


Authorization mismatch - please go back and try again. If you have been trying to access a function incorrectly, please use the proper method.

I Have been going back, yet it fails to recognise my authorization Frown
I don't think this is actually worth fussing over, because barely anyone use that skin, but in case someone can be bothered to fix it, it wants fixing Sticking Out Tongue

(And you don't get the error in the normal skin)

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I've gotten this error before. All you can do is copy everything in the reply box and click the "Post Reply" button above, then paste it in. I don't know what causes the problem, but I'm pretty sure it's some internal IPB thing that is supposed to verify that posts are made from the website and not by a robot (not that it works).

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