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Winter Preview

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Winter Preview

I thought a big news update would beat lots of little ones.

- First up, the download system is on its way (finally) to completion. If you look on the right over there, you'll see an RMVX section is starting to be filled out to. In February 2008 we can all begin to play with a new maker. I am also ASSURING you all that all our old and new files will start to be uploaded. Heaven knows we can't rely on Zatham's rips and an outdated pixel movement script forever.

- There's a big game making contest coming up for Christmas. More details will be coming in the next week but be expecting another big cross-forum contest in the vein of the Pixel art contests.

- Netplay Plus is now being hosted by the Palace. Small news for most, but do bear with some of the people who may arrive until they've settled (not so much the people as inane wrong section questions).

- In other news friendly neighbourhood site account will be adding community integration to our news. In non-web2.0-this-isn't-a-website-but-a-company speak every news item will now be on the forum to allow commenting and discussion. To staff members I am also informing you that I updated our news setup for RSS and security fixes.

- Also Maxy is a wolf you fools (with a scripting brain it appears....)

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Nice Update, and it seems all the Rpgmaker sites out their are getting ready for the release of RmVX, I just wonder how many people will go over to VX once it's out? :cool:

YAY 50th Post!!

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What do you mean "netplay is hosted by the palace"? Like how Inq's tilesets are hosted and they can't be uploaded to any other site at all? Or just like an additional download place for people to get it from?

Edit: 1,777th post :cool:

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Man u so l337 b4rry.

Pretty much like Inq's at the minute. If the other creators could ever be bothered to create another site or give permission elsewhere then that would change, but it's unlikely.

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