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New Download System Betaed

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New Download System Betaed

After months of waiting, the new system is being tested and can be viewed in the usual place. As of now, there are a few known bugs (mainly that file uploads have some bugs, hence the admin mode currently in place, and also that a few users have difficulty flicking through images) but, if you happen to encounter a new one, please feel free to either PM myself or mew, or to send an email to where we will try to contact you ASAP. Oh, and the dates are in the American formatting (sadly), but I am pushing Mew for users to be able to decide- though that may have to wait until IPB integration works securely.

PS: I checked the dictionary, betaed is indeed a word; "the past participle of the word beta". But there is no doubt it is ugly.

In the meantime, if you wish to help out uploading files to the site, or have a file you wish to have hosted, contact us via the means outlined above and we'll get in contact with you as quickly as we can.

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