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Alternative Resource Guide III

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Alternative Resource Guide III

This is an updated version of CoffeeSquid's old thread[s], the last of which can be found here, so your continued thanks/monetary donations should be forwarded to him. It makes sense to start a fresh topic, though, and keep it updated as we go along.

RPG Maker 2K/3
Dot's Workshop - Exclusive charsets, poses galore.
Abolsute World - Exclusive charsets.
Rpg2k - Amazing resources and an amazing slogan. For sure, holmes. - Lots of resources although a little awkwardly organized.
Midi Material - Fantastic MIDIs.
Velvet End - Lots of exclusive MIDI files.
Crimson5 - Lots of lovely resources, just don't ask me how to navigate the thing.
MIDI Room - Original MIDIs.
Fricken' Wow - Grade A, folks.
Teddy Plaza - Home to Theodore's Modern Chipsets. (This site still exists but I can't see any chipsets...anyone? ~CSC)
First Seed Material - Tried and tested 2k/3 resources, and cracking new VX versions!
Rinnest - High-quality charsets. (Another one I can't see much on ~CSC)
Monta's Monsters - Quite a few interesting monster graphics. Lots here, German too.
Kazamit Multimedia Factory - Great MIDIs.
Atelier Nonta - More MIDIs. - A large selection of 2k/3 resources, as well as XP and VX (under télécharger - thanks to DuesPo & Snake22)

RPG Making EWP - Assorted XP resources. (Seems to be a minimal selection of 2k/3 resources? ~CSC)
NeoRTP - A few school-related resources.
RPG RPG Revolution - Appears to have a good selection of XP and VX resources, as well as RGSS scripts.
Sithjester's RPG Maker XP resources - A great selection of XP Resources with some adorable character sets (thanks to DuesPo)
RPG Creative - An exhaustive selection of XP and VX resources (thanks to Snake22)
Nine Sages XP Resources (thanks to Snake22)

Sprite Database - Sprite rips for you to tinker with.

I've got rid of all the broken links and put a few question marks against ones that are still active but I can't quite work out. Now that this has been tidied up, we should keep it updated, so if you find any cracking sites on your travels then do let us know!

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