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Minotaur Battlechar RTP Style (rm2k3)

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Minotaur Battlechar RTP Style (rm2k3)

It's been two months (no seriously, it has), and I still can't make a minotaur battlechar. I've been at it for that long. Nothing. Can't do it. I can edit and revamp chipsets, I can fine tune my own weapons, I can make paralax backgrounds, but I can NOT make sprites worth my own life >:U Of any kind. I can EDIT them, but I can not create them from scratch. Or from nothing. Regardless of the template I'm using. Well enough of me feeling sorry for myself xP

I need a minotaur battlechara (not the monster, nor the faceset or sprite, the battlechara) in RTP style, colors don't really mater because I'm making it black and white ANYWAY. I don't exactly want him to look angry, or giant. Just an average sized minotaur.

Armored gauntlets and belt preferred, not required. Topless, wearing pants, horns. All the basic cliche minotaur features. Basically. The monster bellow should be what he looks like. Minus the axe. And in pants. Yeah.

So please, would one of you good chaps help a brotha out? Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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So that's how it works. I've been searching for posts regarding the topic to help me understand it better. - Fred Wehba
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Nice project.

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