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Map Bgm not restarting after battle

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Map Bgm not restarting after battle

  Hi there, sorry for troubled you guys. Well, actually i want the map bgm to continue playing after the battle rather than

restarting tht map bgm. And next one is how to make the map bgm is still playing in the battle? I've try to make the battle bgm the same with the map bgm, but it don't work rather than battle bgm is restarting. I can't find script for it , too.

anyway, I'll get to the point.

I've two questions.

1st: How to make the map bgm 'NOT" restarting after the battle?

2nd: How to make the battle bgm not 'RESTARTING' when the map bgm is same with battle bgm?

and if there is a script, what might that be? thks Smile

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Not possible sorry, the way ruby handles music in game can only start from the begining, there isn't any ways to get around this problem without intensive scripting, and (probably) an out of game music player.

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Blizzard (different forum) wrote:

RMXP's audio player does not have the "resume" function to start a file from a different position than the starting one. Attempts to create this system never went further than playing the file from a different position, but without looping.
What is needed to create this:
Good understanding of WinAPI and audio control. Also a new MIDI synthisizer needs to be created to create the same changed MIDI sound like RMXP. An implemenation for .wav/.mp3/.ogg might be easier.


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But i see it in other games, such as outlaw city, also made with rpg maker xp. I think there is a way. Or scripts.

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