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SolomonRPG: MMORPG (Maker) for Android

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SolomonRPG: MMORPG (Maker) for Android

Hello all,

For the past year or so I've been working on a multiplayer RPG for Android which I've named Solomon.  Although, theoretically, the server can support any client I have oly developed an Android client because this is the only device I wanted the game to run in.

Here is a list of semi-completed features:

  • Multiplayer Movement
  • Chat, Player Invites, Teams
  • Turn Based Battle System

Here is a list of features I'm working on and are working but not completed:

  • Public Website
  • Browser Based Map Maker
  • Javascript Based Scripting

A lot of the technical infrastructure has been set up.  However, my weak point is the content creation.  This is why I chose to try to offload some of the content creation to any potential players. 

I'm doing this by bringing in the game making aspects to the game to the browser.  Basically, like RPG Maker for the browser.  I want users to help me create maps, story lines, characters, and just help in any testing. 

The system is based somewhat around RM2K/RMXP.  Tiles and characters are 32x32.  If anyone is interested in beta testing I can make an account for you.  Please let me know what you think of this. 

There are a few 'requirements' though.  First, there are no humans allowed in the world.  Characters will all be animal based.  All maps are 20x20 unless any special requirements.  Maps/Tilesets have to be simple, the game is meant to run on mobile devices.  There are currently four 'races': Fire, Leaf, Earth, and Water.  Each race has a 'zone' in the map.  (i.e. Leaf live in the forsest, Earth in desert/caves, Water near rivers/ocean, Fire in or near volcanos.) 

The reason that each player has a race is because of the battle system.  Since it's mostly complete I have to operate within the rules I thought of when I was coding it.  You currently can do only two types of attacks: 'Physical Attack' and 'Magic Attack'  You can also do things like use an item or defend.  

Anyway, I'm interested if anyone wants to help make the game possible.  Thanks!

Client Screenshot #1

Map Editor (Old)

Technical Diagram


Client Screentshot #2

Client Screenshot #3

Map Editor (New)

Map Editor (New #2)

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