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Project Noel (33% complete)

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Project Noel (33% complete)

  My current project is code-named "Project Noel", as I started working on it during the Christmas season :)  With about two months into it, this is starting to become one of the longest projects I've worked on in the 15 years of using RPG Maker.  Usually by now I've grown bored with a game, scrapped it and moved on to either a new project or an altogether different hobby. 

  I must say I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, not because it's anything great (it's a fairly mediocre RPG compared to many of the advanced ones seen on RPG Maker XP and VX), but because I've managed to stick with it so long.  I don't know why this project hasn't lost my interest yet, but I take this as a very good sign!

  My custom picture-based menu system is complete (minus the Warp spell...can't exactly warp to a map that hasn't been designed!) and the custom battle system is also complete with all 40 enemy encounters Smile

  This project of mine is by no means expected to be of epic proportions, more like a cheap Dragon Warrior knock-off.  There certainly will be some differences between that classic and my creation (for instance most spells have different effects inside and outside of combat, i.e. Illuminate will light up dark caves on the map but scare away ghosts in battle).  I'm sticking with the standard RTP files with some additional RTP-style character sets added in.

  The one thing I am most proud of is the custom "Enter Name" system I've developed.  While not an original idea, it definitely showcases some of the amazing things one can accomplish just by using events and pictures. Ruby? What's that? I have PICTURES! MWAHAHAHAHA!

  Please let me know what you think so far!

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