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Current Project Idea

Ok, I know this isn't the right category to ask for people to join my team but I thought I'd post the idea and ask for recruits. Nerd

First off, the game itself. It takes place a couple decades from now, so the Earth is of course more into the future; however, it's not all cybernetic like some stories depict it. Obviously there is a large development in technology and stuff, but we still retain some aspects of current society. Think of it as a more grunge future, but not apocalyptic-like. Maybe a few disasters could have some sort of effect on the geography of the planet?

Aside from the environment, the current population of the Earth is under rule of the 3rd faction in a row. The name of the current faction is the Valhalla Faction, which is led by Artemis Valhalla. These previous two factions have been overthrown by the resisting force, which I haven't thought of a name for. Anyways, to avoid being overthrown, the Valhalla Faction has been manipulation the common people with political maneuvers to provide a false sense of security. A government conspiracy if you will. The majority of the population, including the resistance, fall for this manipulation. However, there is a discovery made by an intelligent computer technician. The technician who's name is Lance Riddle, finds a message that was incidentally sent to the wrong location - Lance's office. The message was between two major offices of the faction that discussed the conspiracy plan the faction had to eliminate the current population to replace them with a technologically engineered and manufactured one in order to remove the possibility of being overthrown like the previous factions and create an idealistic society. The government discovers that Lance has found out about the information and plans to silence him immediately. They send in their Alpha squad to take him out but the remaining resistance rescues him and tells him of their current knowledge of the government's plan.

Obviously, the plot goes from here and Lance works with the resistance to overthrow the Valhalla faction and finally get the resistance to attain control over the Earth and eliminate any sort of corrupted government attaining power. This game, however, won't be an action game. It's and interactive/puzzle game. It takes a lot of thought to get through it, and can result in several different endings based on the player's actions. There's stealth, puzzles, object use sequences, code decryptions, etc. I want to make this original so there's going to be a lot of details within it to make it so.

In terms of a team, I need several qualified and committed people to participate. I myself can do some work in Photoshop and writing, but it would be nice to have people who could do more specific jobs. Here is a list of what I would like (you can be proficient in more than one job area)

1) 2 sprite artists: These people need to be proficient in making sprites, tilesets, etc.

2) Image artists: These fall more along the lines of character images, backgrounds, titles, etc.

3) Scriptors: Pretty straight forward: these people can create scripts for in-game actions and such (researched or downloaded scripts are find too)

4) Writers: Can help develop a story, characters, missions, etc.

5) Music developers: I do not want rip offs of songs. These people must be able to create original music that suits the story and are well developed.

6) Any other quality you think would be beneficial to the development of the game.

So anyways, what are your guy's thoughts on the idea and is anyone up for the team?

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Super TownieGreat TownieTownie
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Yo srigsby sign me up Thumbs Up ! I want to join as a sprite artist and image artist ( character designer ), my spriting skills have improved a lot and I have a bunch of my own templates to work with depending on the sprite style you want ( realistic, chibi or in between ). I can also create facesets better and pixel them so they can easily be rendered for rpg maker or any similar engine without having to use technical scripts or advanced picture commands e.t.c, Just tell me the style you want and I'll start by working on a prototype of the main character and face-set. 

However battle backs and monsters might be a little bit of work for me but I'll handle all the character related stuff including:

>sprite design and sprite animation

>and character design, face-sets and character battlers

>after that enemies and n.p.c sprites e.t.c

Could you tell me more about the main character or any prototype sprite I can start working on asap? 

Currently I don't have enough time to work on resources AND develop a game so this is great for me. I also like your plot but we should still add in some action ( battles ) just to balance out the game-play.

Need a face-set or character sketch/concept P.M me. I draw mostly manga style though and it might take roughly a week

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I can somewhat help with refining stories, fine tuning them, and stuff. I mean, assuming your still doing this. Of course, I can't help with the story with out the criteria/raw material. So.

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If you ever need help with anything written, I can throw some ideas or something your way.  I doubt i'd be capable as a full time writer, but I'd be willing to help.chad.m.kosteroski@gmail.comhit me up there if you have any questions, remember to remind me who you are, i'm kinda dumb haha  Oh Noes!

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