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Ascension (Part1: Rebirth)

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Ascension (Part1: Rebirth)
Website will be launched on 9th of october!
Visit Ascension on Facebook here: like the page to get all the updates!
Spoiler: Highlight to view
Our website: (it will be launched next week)
Our YouTube channel:
Mathijs' Deviantart page:
Takahashi's YouTube channel:

Some examples of Takahashi's work for Ascension:
Do not use these songs for your project, they are copyright protected. If you ignore this warning, i will find your ass Wink

Mathijs' feature in Dutch Photoshop Magazine:

Support bar:

C&C please Wink


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The game looks pretty good.
It looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Smile

Joined: 8 Jun 2008

Thank you!

Huh, why do the images not show? Aren't the regular [img] tags used here? Kinda lloks stupid now hehe Sticking Out Tongue

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