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Tileset Troubles D:

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Tileset Troubles D:
Hello all!I've created some custom tilesets of my own, but whenever I incorporate them into the database they retain a thin ring of the transparent background. I'm at a loss of what to do. The tilesets were edited in Photoshop and I've been saving them into pngs with hot pink or baby blue backgrounds.
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Now, when in you import the tileset into rpg maker, does it give you the option of choosing the transparent and semi-transparent colours?

If it does [LEFT] click the blue and [RIGHT] click on one of the shadows in the tileset.

If it doesn't you'll have to go into photoshop, and make the blue 100% transparent, and the shadows in the tileset 50% transparent (can photoshop do transparency? If not, try Gimp or something similar (gimps free Sticking Out Tongue )).

Now, if you are still having problems upload the tileset somewhere and give us a link, and we'll see what we can do for ya! Wink

Happy gamemaking Smile

EDIT: by import, I mean, does it pop up with this window?

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What maker are you using? 

You should add them to the database in game to see the screen Karls talking about and edit it their, dont just add them straight to the games folder ( If thats with 2k3 ) I think the same goes for xp and vx. Otherwise the best bets an image editor, use the magic wand tool in Paint.Net and delete the transparent background then use an eraser and set it so its half as strong and erase the background shadows e.t.c. 

I'm sure its something small like posting the files straight into the game folder without Importing them first so don't worry.

Need a face-set or character sketch/concept P.M me. I draw mostly manga style though and it might take roughly a week

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