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A couple of questions

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A couple of questions

I am learning a lot of RPG Maker XP stuff, and I'm happy about that. I used this to get the game multiplayer. But theres a glitch with that media server.

 My HP is 0 and I keep dying and respawning and dying again. How could I fix this? 

The project is a .exe. How could I make it a .swf so i can host it on my VPS? 

How could I make it so that Users can chat with eachother?

When a user clicks another player, that profile box comes up in the top left. How could I edit that box so it comes IN FRONT of the menu bar on the top, instead of behind?

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The naïvety of your questions suggests to me that you probably can't deal with these problems on your own, but I've taken some time to give you the best answers I can. These are actually pretty technical problems though, so in order to be complete my answers are also pretty technical.

  1. I'm guessing you need to make sure players don't spawn with 0 HP? RMXP multiplayer scripts are complicated and you shouldn't be messing with them if you can't figure out what's wrong (although I will acknowledge that the documentation is crap for most scripts so one generally has to be even better at scripting than they should have to be to deal with the simple problems like this)
  2. It's not happening. Game.exe basically loads the RGSS environment and executes the Ruby scripts in your project. While there have been several attempts to reverse engineer this RGSS environment, none of them I'm aware of have been completely successful and I've never even heard of doing it in ActionScript (which is what it would need to be for a SWF). The largest stumbling block is interpreting Ruby code or cross-compiling it to ActionScript. You might have better luck writing a Java applet with JRuby, although you'll still have to either implement the entire RGSS library or find somebody else who already has for this environment.
  3. There are two major parts of a chat room - the interface and the communication protocol. In RMXP, the interface is actually the harder part. You need a script that will accept keyboard input and create a text box, then you need to design the windows and program the chat window to append text (using the built-in Window class, you may need to recreate a new Bitmap contents as the window expands). Then you need to hook up a "Send" button and the Enter key to the communication protocol, which would most easily be an extension of the networking scripts. This is not a trivial addition. If you're not familiar with RGSS scripting and networking, you shouldn't try to do this and should just look for existing scripts (which would either need to be built specifically for your networking scripts or communicate with a separate chat server).
  4. Find the RGSS that controls the profile box and increase the #z value of the Window or Sprite object(s).
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