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Elemental game idea

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Elemental game idea

So I have a nifty idea for an elemental based game, where you have a level for each of the basic elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire), each up to 100; as you get a higher level you get better skills/spells in that certain element. But, as you progress, you can learn more than the basic four elements, you can mix the elements you have learned to get unique secondry elements, such as lightning, ice, trees and metal. These can be futher mixed when again to get tertiary elements like bubbles, blue fire and crystal.

For every two levels you gain in any primary element, you gain one level in the secondry element in between. And for every 4 levels you gain in a primary element, and two levels in a secondry element, you gain one level in the tertiary element closest on the higher elements side. (wow this is hard to explain)

Okay, so if you were level 72 Water and level 24 Air. You'd also be level 12 Ice and level 6 Bubbles. So it's just the lowest of the two elements divided by two for secondry, and divided by 4 for tertiary elements. So the highest level you can be for primary elements is 100, the highest level for secondry elements is 50 and tertiary is 25.

It's hard to explain in words, so for the easiness for all of us, below I have a map thingy showing what I mean.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Primary elements (clockwise):

* Water
* Earth
* Fire
* Air

Secondary elements:

* Trees
* Metal
* Lightning
* Ice

Tertiary elements:

* ???
* ???
* Crystal
* ???
* Blue fire
* ???
* Bubbles
* ???
(the question marks are elements I have yet to think up)

So, Earth + Fire = Metal
and, Water + Air = Ice
But also, Ice + Air = Bubbles

I dunno, what do you guys think about this?
Good idea? Too complicated? Fun? Got any ideas for tertiary elements?


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This could be the basis of a fun battle system. However, you might consider looking away from the classical elements...try something new for the basics that might even tie into the world in which this magic is used.

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