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It would be great if they don't kill Gendry right away. - HomeLife Warranty Protection

Human wiki

It is awesome to see more Human wiki. - HomeLife Warranty Protection


It is awesome to see more References. - HomeLife Warranty Protection


It is awesome to see more Samwell scenes. - HomeLife Warranty Protection


People are loving the new Twitch  buffs. - HomeLife Warranty Protection

Beginning of the storyline

Beginning of the storyline is really important in every new events. - Kitchen Charm

Changing money

When going vacation is really important to do Changing money first. - Kitchen Charm


A lot of Miners are loving the new system. - Kitchen Charm


It would be awesome to see more Con-mans in the game. - Kitchen Charm

All will be well

Always remember that in times of hardship. all will be well in time. - Kitchen Charm

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