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If you want

If you want something then you need to grind it all day long. - Bath Planet


Forward pushes can be only done if the team is well coordinated. - Bath Planet


The hype of pokemon Go just won't stop and it is really raising. - Morgan Exteriors


Leeroy Jenkins is one of the most famous player who made his raid wipe off by his dive. - Morgan Exteriors

Guild wars

Guild wars are really fun if you look at the competitiveness of the players. - Morgan Exteriors

Attacking formation

Attacking formation can be good if all of your members will follow your command. - Morgan Exteriors

decision we make

 When it comes to decision we make in life, it is important that we see it the way how the reality works. - Gary McClure

healthy approach to life

Sometimes, what seems to be a good and healthy approach to life, is also an attempt which can have a lot of challenges and difficulties. - Gary McClure

fair and just action

Instead of thinking about our own wishes, it will be a fair and just action to try to consider other people as well. - Gary McClure

busy schedules

Sometimes, it is very hard to determine where to start. Because of busy schedules, some people  don’t have enough time to fix everything.  - Gary McClure

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