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Site back up

The main site should now be clean of graffetti, so it's now open again. If anyone spots anything that shouldn't be there, let me know.

Forum downtime

Some soon-to-be former members of RPG Town have left us with a leaving gift of a defiled forum. For the time being, RPG Town will remain offline whilst the situation is rectified. This may mean we lose 2 weeks of topics. Be sure to thank them for this.

PaulC, Jakey and Kefka will no longer be welcome here.

For the meanwhile, visit our friendly neighbours at for RMXP support.

The best of news!

Every so often we get a whopping update. This one has been 6 months in the works but it was certainly worth the wait. Inquisitor has finished his latest RMXP tileset, the Medieval Interior set. This is complete with castles, hovels, churches, dungeons, kitchens, stables, the lot! Once again Inq has gone out of his way to produce an exquisite comprehensive set that will suit any project. It is every bit as magnificient as his world map tile set, so if you were a fan of that, don't hesistate to download this.

Inquisitor's RMXP Medieval Interior Tile Set Released!

Inquisitor has now released his second tile set in his growing XP collection. RPG Palace presents to you our exclusive medieval interior set.

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