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RPG Palace Has Been Hacked

A bad thing has happened. The forums are offline because of an apparent hacking attempt that has left poorly written code in the files that control forum layout. We believe this to be a hacking attempt because of an alteration in the "Downloads Under Construction" headline that created a link to "steam id hacken". The RPG Palace staff are currently working on the problem, and we hope to have the problem fixed within the week.

Forum Security Announcement

Due to the recent problem with spambots, user registration will now require administrator validation. Once you register, please send an email to [email removed] containing your display name so that I know you are not a spambot, and I will validate your account.

Hopefully this is temporary. We should eventually be able to prevent bots from registering and posting on the forum at all.

And so here it ends..

I'm de-admining myself and handing over power as of today. I can no longer put enough time, or effort, into keeping the Town a float and have decided to take a break from both being admin and from posting.

I may return in the future, but, for now, this is goodbye.

Downloads Under Construction

Currently the downloads system is under construction. However, certain downloads are available outside of this system. The following three popular downloads can be found at the linked location:

New Download System Betaed

After months of waiting, the new system is being tested and can be viewed in the usual place. As of now, there are a few known bugs (mainly that file uploads have some bugs, hence the admin mode currently in place, and also that a few users have difficulty flicking through images) but, if you happen to encounter a new one, please feel free to either PM myself or mew, or to send an email to where we will try to contact you ASAP.

Minor addition for Mode07

Following the release of Mode07, Inquisitor has released his airship sprite for use with this wonderful script. The spriteset is for the current version of Mode07 which presently does not have the traditional airship mode (rotational movement) but expect further developments with the script and spriteset in the near future.

Roooomancing Saga!

Resident Wheedonian Zatham from the RPG Town has ripped the entire array of monsters from Romancing Saga 3- thats 164 sprites, which can be used in RMXP and RM2K as monsters, or as pictures where needed.

Mode07 Released!

The script for Mode07 has been officially released to the public. This script is exclusive to RPG Palace; please link only to the link below. The site scripts section is still under construction, however this temporary page is available, and is just as good as any fancy user-friendly software.

Mode07 version 0.6 is available here:

RPG Town returns

The RPG Town has finally been reopened, with new features, a new system and finally) its own personal skin. This is in response to a hack attempt a month ago.

I hope to see you around there soon!


Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

Amateur game designers Screen 7 have released a demo of their forthcoming adventure game, Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. This is an exciting fangame project, a welcome return to the style and flavour of Fate of Atlantis and I whole-heartedly recommend downloading it.

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