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Bot block

It seems that we're finally rid of the bot plague we've had for such a long time. I've installed extra security methods to the sign up form meaning that bots have found it much harder to decipher. Hopefully this isn't preventing real people signing up - anyone having any trouble with it email me at

One or two bots still get through, mind you (was about 10 a day before, now only 2 in a week). I should be able to eliminate this entirely by removing some of the more commonplace fonts. If that succeeds we will remove the automatic moderator preview on new topics in GD.

Updates ahead

With plenty of free time I am once again able to dedicate time to RPG Palace. In the coming weeks I hope to restore all the downloads to the site and make a couple of minor changes to the layout of the site. If anyone has any suggestions for new features, please let us know.

Back online

After a week or so, the Palace is finally back online. It seems some pillock forgot

Moving swiftly on, I'm now back at home and unemployed. This is good for me & good for you as I intend to spend some time working on the site. Hurray!

We might actually have some content on the site soon.

Downloads System Fixed

Several things about the downloads system have been broken for the last couple of months. It wouldn't display anything but the first page of all resources sorted by date. I've found and solved the problem now. The server was changed in some way and I had to adjust the scripts to compensate.

Development Topics Rearranged

I have created a new forum "Requests" and moved the forum "Concepts and Plots" to subforum status of "Project Discussion". I have also moved many topics to conform to the classification within these three forums. Additionally, the "Contests" forum is now open again, in Official Busniess. Please post all new forum and cross-forum contests there. Note that Project Discussion is only for projects that you are working on, not projects that you are thinking of and would like feedback on basic elements of.

Pruning planned for next week

All members of the Newbies and Validating groups will be notified. Any members with no posts, as well as validating members older than today, will be purged from our database. Any member that has no posts to their credit must post to avoid pruning. This thread is open to posting for this purpose.

Several Updates

I have copied this from the announcements to the forum news section because it didn't seem to get much attention.

I've been changing some things with the forum skin. If anything seems out of place, please drop me a line somehow. I tried to be thorough, but I may not have gotten to every single kind of page in existence.

We have some new features:

  • You can now bump threads without posting. Simply go to Options >> Bump This Topic. Newbies can't bump, you can only bump your own topics, and only after an hour.
  • Gender is now displayed next to your username.

Forum Structure Alteration

Since this "Official Business" forum really belongs...somewhere, I put it in and moved Feedback in here. I feel also that we need a news forum on the forums. Maybe in the future, this forum will export to the news on the site instead of CuteNews, and we can have commentary on the news. Certainly one way to make the forum more active, allowing commentary on the news.

I hope to implement some type of system with the downloads database where submitting a download starts a thread in the forum for the same reason, but that's farther down the line.

Affiliates Revision

I can't remember a time when GamingW actually had a link back to us. So they're no longer listed under our affiliates. Instead, we finally have our link to as they have for us. It doesn't really affect many people, but it ties up some loose ends quite neatly.

RPG Palace Forums Back Online

The forum skin and language files have been restored and the forums are now accessible. Not everything was a complete success, so if you come across an error message, please email

. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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