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Passability Upload

"Insane Cal", from the forums, has taken the time to create a passability sheet for Inq's Exterior tileset. Download it and you needn't fiddle creating all the passablities for the tileset in every new project. Get it in the Demo for Inq's tileset.

Treasure Chests

In response to the vast number of queries on the forums, I've added a newbie's guide to switches tutorial. This covers the basics such as creating a chest and a very simple quest. I am aiming to role out a series of introductions to basic RM principles in the coming weeks.

There are also a few new graphics on the website. I've uploaded some RM2k tile sets.

Games Galore!

Continuing the restoration of our downloads database, I have uploaded 15 RM2k/3 games. These were originally acquired by our pixel art guru The~Inquisitor with a mandate to collect the most influential and successful RPG Maker games. All of these meet with our mark of approval and are worthy of a play. My personal favourites are the Way series and Sunset of Imdahl.

Additionally I have uploaded most of our RM2k/3 character sets. With only 29 files this may not seem that much but these were made by the staff and so you won't find them anywhere else.

Memorable Times

Seems many of you will have thought the old memories were lost- but fear not!

Seems some idiot administrator (me in early 2007) accidentally removed viewing permissions for the Memorable Threads forum. Well that is now fixed. So you can all look back and get a fix of CSC's HUNDREDS of votes in past Awards and the joys of Jacket's rap LP and dirty politics against Kofox's party in the RPG Town Tribunal.

Updates and returns!

Three pieces of news today:
1) Inq has finally released his HUGE exterior tileset. Thusly, we can finally start to see some RPG Palace designed games, especially our very own MMORPG, which can be reached over on the right there. Go on, click it!
2) I have returned to the Palace staff after a good year (I think) off. Thusly I shall be helping with the rebuild.
3) There are a number of updates and changes coming in the future to incorporate the newly announced RMVX. This will include a few unexpected items (Second RTP anyone?)

RMXP Outdoor Tileset!

Finally, the next installment of Inquisitor's epic RPG Maker XP tileset series is out! This gargantuan tileset is sure to get mouths watering. Download it exclusively from RPG Palace!

New Tutorial

A new "tutorial" on the site, Importing Resources. It's not so much a tutorial as a frequently asked question for the newest of RM users.

Outdoor tileset

Here's a heads up for you. Inquisitor's exquisite RMXP tilesets have yet another installment. The long anticipated Outdoor set is now finished and will be available shortly, exclusively at RPG Palace. With this addition, it will finally be possible to made an entire game using his sets. Keep your eye on the site over the next few days.

6 games

Continuing the upload theme, I've added 6 games to the RM2k/3 section of the site. Collector, The Legend of the Philsopher's Stone, Enter the Cave, Idunn Ymiraldor, In the Name of the Rose and Curse of Silence are all available in the downloads section.

54 Monsters!

I have begun work on uploading our resources onto the database. Today 54 of Inquisitor's monster sprites for RPG Maker 2003 have been added. Plenty more where those came from still to be added.

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